Best Mother's Day Dinner Recipes

Hey, Mother's Day is fast approaching! What are your plans? Are you taking mum out for dinner or cooking her something special at home? We've pulled out some of our best Mother's Day dinner recipes for you to choose from. They're healthy recipes for mum and the whole family.

beef tagine

Beef Tagine with Spiced Pear Paste

What is a Tagine or Tajine Dish? Originally, tagine or tajine recipes are cooked over hot charcoals using the beautiful earthen pot. Today, you can cook Beef Tagine with your oven using this recipe from Chef Maggie Beer.

Baked Snapper with Greek Potato Salad

Serve mum with baked Snapper paired with Greek potato salad? This recipe makes 8 servings - perfect for the whole family but you can adjust it based on your own consumption.

Magic Shake and Bake Lamb Cutlets

Prepare a healthy and yummy dish in less than 1 hour with this Magic Shake and Bake Lamb Cutlets recipe.

Gluten Free White Chocolate-Macadamia Slice

Gluten-Free diets were introduced specifically for persons suffering from wheat allergies and the like. It is also recommended to avoid health problems such as Celiac Disease and Gluten Ataxia. Prepare this Gluten-free white chocolate recipe from Ed Halmagyi on Mother's Day.

Mango Meringue Bites

Make that dinner date with mum sweeter than these sweet delights on top of your table. It's mango and you know it, mangoes will surely make mum drool. So, what are you waiting for, get those baking gadgets out now.

Have a happy Mother's Day!

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