Mother's Day Photoshoot Contest Officially Closed

We are pleased to announce that our Mother's Day Photoshoot Contest is now officially closed. Entries uploaded after May 4, 2018 midnight will not be counted. Keep sharing your favourite entries now to earn more votes. Voting ends on May 10 (Thursday) at midnight and winners will be announced on May 12 (Saturday).


1. Follow and like our Facebook page or sign up for emails on our website.

2. Upload a photo of you and mum cooking together and having fun (or you and daughter/son). End of submission is on May 4, 2018, and end of voting will be on May 10 at exactly 12 midnight.

3. The photo should be clear and might be a Before, During, or After setting.

4. Write a short story about the picture in the caption box (must be more than 100 characters). Share your entry with as many friends as possible.

5. You have to be living in Australia.


Creativity - 40%

Relevance to the Mother's Day theme - 40%

Most Likes - 20%


First Prize - a free box of the products shown in the picture above.

Second Prize - 20% discount on all Entertaining Edge products

Good luck to all the participants and we wish to extend our warmest greetings and appreciation to all the mothers out there. :)

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