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Lawson Measuring Cups

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Lawson Measuring Cups for Accuracy

How can you actually perfect a chosen recipe? Try measuring your ingredients as accurate as possible. I am sure, you will achieve your goal! Have you heard of our Lawson Measuring cups yet? They're a great product for measuring dry ingredients for baking. These beautiful measuring cups are a must-have baking accessory.

Product Features:

  • Set of 4 measuring cups
  • includes 60ml / 80ml / 125ml 250ml (1/4 cup / 1/3 cup / 1/2 cup / 1 cup)
  • Colours - Copper, Vintage Copper, Silver
  • Fabrication - Stainless Steel
  • coordinating measuring spoons available

Stainless Steel Measuring Cups

The Lawson measuring cups are made of stainless steel. The set is joined by a metal ring to prevent a piece from missing. Stainless steel are proven to be more durable. They are also easy to clean for the next use. You can simply wipe it dry and pour the next ingredient to measure. Just make sure to wash and dry it before keeping in the drawers.

If you worry that it will gain scratches over time, don't just yet. Store it properly in order to prevent such. In fact our lawson stainless steel measuring cups are coated properly so it looks beautiful and scratch resistant.

Finally, we are confident you will not be having a hard time reading our measuring cup labels because they are clearly etched. Buy a set now and start baking like a pro!

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