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Bella Casa Tea Towel

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Bella Casa Tea Towel Features

Are you looking for an absorbent tea towel to use with all your drying tasks inside your kitchen? We recommend these Egyptian woven tea towels if you are searching for:

  • Egyptian cotton tea towels that quickly absorbs liquid spills
  • tea towels with waffle weave design
  • simple but sturdy tea towels that could stand several machine washes
  • striped design towels
  • different colors of tea towels for your beautiful kitchen

Different Uses of Bella Casa Tea Towels

Have you already tried using your tea towels for different purposes aside from drying? Yes, you can do whatever you like with our Bella Casa Tea Towels.

Here are some cool things to use those equally cool tea towels:

  • Before putting things on your serving trays or baskets, cover them up with tea towels first. It makes it look cleaner and prevents food or objects from falling.
  • Do you really love its absorbency and the colors? You can use our Bella Casa tea towels as napkins or placemats.
  • They also do magic in storing food or kitchen utensils. Use it to keep dry foods warm or as a teapot cozy. Tie the four corners until it fits the teapot to make a unique one.
  • If you hate cupboard noises, why not use these beautiful tea towel range to line those drawers and cupboards up.

Here are unique other ways to use the Bella Casa Tea Towels.

  • Dampen it and put the chopping board over it to prevent it from moving when chopping.
  • You can also use it to bake eggs. Use the damp tea towel to cover the tray before putting the eggs on it.
  • Use the Bella Casa tea towel to tightly close the pot so that the food will cook faster without losing too much water.

Do you want to try those tricks above? Buy now while stocks last!