Elegant Teak Chopping Board

Elegant Teak Chopping Board

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Elegant Chopping with Teak Cutting Boards

The sturdy timber construction contains self-healing properties that not only make it gentle on knife blades but also show minimal scarring over time.  Even when not in use, this wood cutting board can be left on display to accent a vase or sculptural piece.  

Our Elegant Teak chopping board size is 41x28x1.4cm and is also available in a smaller size of 30.5x20x1.4cm.

Why Choose Teak Wood?

Teak is naturally hard making it one of the most trusted material in building yachts, furniture, wood carving and now used as a cutting board. It is known for its beautiful color which does not turn dark when in contact with metal.

It does a very good job as a chopping board. A teak chopping board lasts longer than the others. It is water resistant, pest resistant and does not rot easily. The secret to these quality features? It is being dried for up to 2 years before manufacturing into finished products. It has also an oil content contributing to its density and hardness.

How to Maintain Your Teak Chopping Boards

Just because the Teak chopping board has awesome features does not mean you just leave it after every use. After regularly washing with clean water, wipe it dry and apply some oil or beeswax. This is to make sure it stays shiny and waterproof.

Cutting boards generate scars over time but as mentioned earlier, our Teak chopping boards are self-healing. To erase or lighten stains, you can use lemon juice. Use a cloth or soft brush to apply and leave for at least 2 minutes before rinsing with warm water. For tougher stain removal, you can use baking soda. Dissolve in hot water and apply on affected areas only.

Do not use inorganic cleaning materials like varnish, bleach, and others.