Elegance Gold Stripes Embossed Paper Napkins

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Gold Color Embossed Paper Napkins

Our paper napkins come in many unique designs. Each one has its own distinction. This Elegance Stripes Gold table napkin is a stripes design of gold and white finished with an elegant emboss.

It is one cool way to add accent to your table decoration. Gold and white paper napkins can be colour coordinated with almost all other colors. It will stand out with blue, red, and black shades.

Product Features:

  • Color White and Gold
  • with elegant emboss
  • 33x33 cm table napkins
  • pack of 15

Why Choose our Paper Napkins?

Linen table napkins are great for those who have enough time to wash and dry them. However, we recommend paper napkins to entertainers, homeowners, and event coordinators for more convenience. Paper table napkins like this gold and white stripes is perfect for occasions with many guests.

Here are other important reasons why you should choose our paper napkins:

  • You do not need to wash and dry after a tiring day
  • They are biodegradable and would not harm our ecosystem
  • Our paper napkins are dependable and sturdy like linen napkins
  • They are wide enough to protect your guests' clothes
  • They are easy to fold and place on the table
  • Our paper napkins are absorbent and can wipe sticky messes
  • They come in handy when you need more


As mentioned earlier, all our paper napkins are biodegradable making them eco-friendly. However, they also need to be disposed of properly.

Have a compost bin or green cart in your home or establishment to keep your habitat clean and help promote a clean and green universe.

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