Metta Stone/Acacia Serving Board - Rectangle

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The rectangle Metta Stone/Acacia serving board is different from the others. It is designed to add unique style and elegance to your modern kitchen. The attractive appearance makes it stand out. It is also wide enough to accommodate the food you want to serve. We have a smaller size of it in our store if you prefer.

Other features include:

  • just enough and perfect to put on the center table with its 20x60x1.5cm
  • its black or white color easily matches with any other table accessory
  • joined with acacia adding natural beauty to its look
  • water-resistant and mold and fungus resistant

Advantages of Using Metta Stone/Acacia Serving Board

Right after the trend of serving foods on serving boards came out, there were also several opinions that broke. One of which is the cleanliness and health of everyone using the serving boards. Especially that the first serving boards to came out were made of wood.

Wooden serving boards are more prone to cuts where the bacteria and virus could generate. Therefore, they advise restaurants and users to properly sanitize these things every after use. Washing them with hot water would help but once you notice that there are unusual colors forming on it, you should change the serving board immediately.

The advantage of having these rectangle Metta Stone and Acacia serving board in your kitchen is its durability to cuts. They are made of stone and are properly cured to be safe for food serving.

    Knowing more about Acacia

    Did you know that Noah's Ark was made of Acacia wood? Acacia is one of the most precious trees because of its known strength. This made it a great option for making serving boards and cutting boards. They are also used to make furniture and floorings.

    Now, you can actually figure out why our rectangle Metta Stone/Acacia serving boards were made of agglomerated stone with acacia. They can better withstand cuts and chips. So, if you are looking for a kitchen investment that would last, shop our Metta Stone/Acacia serving board (rectangle) and the round serving board now!

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