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Microfibre Dish Cloths

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Microfiber Dishcloth - for an Extra Care

Entertaining Edge boasts this best selling Microfiber Dishcloth because of its extraordinary functions. It works well on all types of kitchenware and is easy to use and maintain.

  • It has a soft texture making it safe for glassware and other delicate surfaces.
  • Cleaning and dusting is faster with our Microfiber Dishcloth
  • Made with advanced technology and high-grade cotton making it extra-absorbent
  • Removes grease and dirt easily
  • Easy to wash and dry for next use

Size: 35cm x 35cm

How to Take Care of your Microfiber Dishcloth

It is always best to take note of the Do's and Don'ts when buying a product. Here's our advice on how to maximize the function of your Microfiber Dish Cloths.


  • Keep it away from fire or direct heat.
  • Wash separately
  • Machine wash in gentle mode
  • Rinse and Dry after every use


  • Do not iron the Microfiber dish cloths
  • Do not spin or tumble dry
  • Do not dry clean

Our Microfibre dish cloths come in a pack of three cloths. They are available in Black and Stone colors.

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