Solid and Spiral Gold Paper Drinking Straws

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Solid and Spiral Gold Paper Drinking Straws

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Solid and Spiral Gold Paper Drinking Straws


Prepare glamorous celebrations even when entertaining guests at home. Any preferred space inside or outside your home could be that perfect place to have some fun. Choose from our wide range or entertaining needs to help you out and don't forget to check out these Solid and Spiral Gold paper drinking straws.

Our gold paper drinking straws will surely standout because of its sparkle effect. It adds a contemporary touch to your dinner table and makes a stunning finish to your table setup.

Product Features:

  • Color - Gold paper drinking straws
  • Quantity - 25 straws per pack
  • Material - sturdy paper
  • Design - Solid Gold and Spiral Gold designs


We know how frustrating it is when you drink your favourite smoothie and after a few sips, the paper straw becomes soggy. Our paper straws are definitely not that kind. They are sturdy and remain beautiful until the last drop of your drink.

Our Solid and Spiral Gold paper drinking straws are:

  • beautifully designed to match your mood and drinks
  • sturdy and durable
  • biodegradable so it helps promote a greener environment
  • helpful in maintaining healthy teeth because it prevents acidic drinks from getting direct contact with them
  • just to bring a bit of fun and colour to your drink


Admit it, paper straws add elegance and beauty to any drink. Aside from that, it also is a better and more sanitary way to drink from a glass. In fact, bartenders use it to taste drinks before serving them to customers to make sure they taste perfect.

Here's a brief history of how our paper straws came to life. Marvin C. Stone invented the first paper drinking straw in 1888. That time, the ryegrass straw was what's on trend but because he doesn't want the taste of the grass mixing up with his drink, he designed a new straw.

Today, paper drinking straws are coming back because of its big help in preserving the environment. Plastic straws, according to studies, are also harmful to sea life.

Buy a pack or more of our Solid and Spiral Gold paper drinking straws and other designs to enjoy a FREE shipping when your purchase reaches $100 and up!